A/P Monthly Check (G/L Detail) Report


This option is taken to Print A Report (or view on the screen) a MONTHLY INVOICE file report in order by Check Number. This report reflects all invoices entered into the system for the period selected. Please note if you are on a Cash accounting basis, only invoices paid (or with partial payments) will be included for the selected period.

Invoices are listed to reflect the G/L disbursement detail you entered when you originally entered the invoice. One line of detail will be printed for each disbursement you entered. The G/L Number and Department, Invoice Number, P.O. Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, and Vendor Name are included on the report. This report may be used to verify the General Ledger entries that will be posted from Accounts Payable to the G/L TEMPORARY file. Although the report may be reviewed as often as you wish, we suggest printing a hardcopy at the end of the month before month end zeroing.

Here is a sample report:

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