A/R Terms Code Maintenance


This option is taken to initially create the TERMS CODE MASTER file and then to add new codes or make changes as necessary to codes currently existing in the file.

After selecting this option from the A/R Master File Maintenance Menu, the computer will display the Terms Code Maintenance screen as follows:

A) To add a new Terms Code to the file, enter the new, unused Terms Code that you are assigning and press [TAB]. Terms Codes are 2 characters in length.

B) To view/change an existing Code's information, enter the Terms Code of the record you wish to change, or Perform A Search to find a Terms Code record. After entering a valid Code, the information stored for that code will be displayed.


Enter the Description for these payment terms.

Enter the Due Days for these payment terms. This field will be used to calculate the Due Date for invoices.

Enter the Discount Due Days for these payment terms. If any discount could apply, the invoice must be paid within this number of days. Enter the Discount Percent for these payment terms, if any.

If you wish a Warning Message when this Terms Code is used on an invoice with a store charge, check this option box.

You may enter Comments about this Terms Code.


Review the data you have entered (or changed) on the screen. If you wish to SAVE the information, click on the Save button on the Toolbar, pick the Save option from the File Menu, or press [Ctrl][S]. If you do NOT wish to save the information, click on the Cancel button on the toolbar, pick the Cancel option from the File Menu, or press [Ctrl][L].

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