The Grain Inspection module incorporates maintenance of master files, entry of inspection information, printing of certificates, electronic IDW filing, and billing invoices to your customers. The Grain Inspection module integrates information to the Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Payroll modules.


The Grain Inspection module has the following features:

1) handles inspections and certificates for Submitted and Official samples

2) automated posting to our Accounts Receivable module

3) automated posting to our Payroll module

4) construction of your own reports from data in the G/I files through the use of our Report Generator module *

5) integration of G/I data to a word processor or spreadsheet through the use of our Report Generator module *

6) ability to batch-process multiple G/I options through the use of our AutoPilot module (very useful for Month-End procedures) *


* purchased separately

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