G/I Transfer Files Through EMail Attachments


This option is used to send or receive certificates and customer changes from a remote location to a host location.  These transactions will be transmitted through an email address.

After selecting this option from the menu, the computer will display the one of the following screens:

It will display a screen similar to this if you are the Remote Site and are sending changes to an email address:

Click the Process All button, this will create a file with your changed data and attach this file to an email and automatically email this file to the Host Site email address.


It will display a screen similar to this if you are the Host Site and are receiving changes from your email address:

Before running this program, you must retrieve the data file by saving the attachment from the email sent from the Remote Site (this email should have a subject of  Transaction File=TSTrnDta.txt).  This file should be saved to a directory which is specified in Local Directory.  (To see what your Local Directory is, slide the horizontal scroll bar located under Receive File Status to the right until the heading Local Directory appears.)  Once you have saved the file to your Local Directory, click the Process All button and this will update all your files with the changes from the Remote Site.

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