Recommended Hardware


This software requires the minimum of an Intel Pentium® 2 class Personal Computer system. Minimum hardware requirements are:

* High-speed microprocessor (1GHz minimum; faster recommended)

* Large Hard Disk Drive (10 Gigabyte minimum free; larger recommended)

* 512 Megabytes RAM (Random Access Memory) (1G recommended)

* Windows XT® (Windows VISTA®, Windows 7® and Windows NT® are NOT recommended at this time)

* VGA Video Display card and monitor capable of 256-color 800x600 resolution (True-color 1024x768 resolution recommended)

* Keyboard and mouse

* Printer (Ink-Jet or Laser recommended, Dot-Matrix supported but NOT recommended)


This system is written in Microsoft Visual BASIC®. All code is compiled or assembled and linked for faster program execution. This system also uses the Pervasive SQL® File System by Pervasive© and Access® File System by Microsoft© for file management functions.


The system can also function in a networking environment and has been tested successfully with the following Network operating systems:

* Microsoft Windows XP®

* Microsoft Windows NT®

* Microsoft Windows 2000®

* Microsoft Windows 2003®

* Microsoft Windows Vista®

* Microsoft Windows 7®


The system will function on most Personal Computer equipment, but unless we have expressly tested with the hardware in question, we cannot guarantee that it will function properly. Because of the multitude of hardware and software available today, we cannot test and recommend all products. If you are unsure if your present hardware configuration will allow proper functionality, consult with your Team Software, Inc. representative.


Note: all names, trademarks, and copyrights are the property of their respective companies, including but not limited to Microsoft, Intel, Pervasive, and Team Software.

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