Recommended Supplies


You will need some other miscellaneous supplies to fully operate your system. A few of these are listed below. Most of these supplies can be purchased from many sources that carry office supplies or directly from Team Software, Inc.

* Paper appropriate for your printer

* Printer ink, ribbons, or toner specific to your printer

* Computer checks (a check similar to DeluxeŠ Check #81013 or 91013). Checks can be ordered with your logo, address, etc.

* Forms (Invoice, Work Order, Purchase Order, etc.) can be ordered with your logo, address, etc.

* IRS 1099 forms

* IRS W-2 forms

* Mailing labels (all sizes which fit your printer), please note that the mailing label programs have been set up for 3-across 10-up labels

* Window envelopes for Checks, 1099's, and W-2's


Note: all names, trademarks, and copyrights are the property of their respective companies, including but not limited to Deluxe Business Forms and Team Software.

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