P/R System Overview

The Payroll module is a comprehensive system allowing you to process payroll for different pay periods (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.). You may break down your payroll expenses by Hours Codes (type of hours worked - Regular, Overtime, Holiday, Sick, etc.) and Distributions (for example, individually by Office or by Job Function - Administrative, Managerial, Marketing, Sales, etc.). The system handles processing for withholding all Federal and State taxes in addition to other types of taxes applicable to you - City, County, or other Local taxes. Also, you have the ability to set up other Deductions for Insurance, Retirement, Dues, etc. and may indicate in which pay periods you wish to deduct them. The system also has the ability to handle Workmen's Compensation by setting up codes for the different types of liabilities that are applicable to you. The ability to print multiple checks for an employee in a pay period is also included.

After setting up all the necessary master files, processing of Payroll each pay period consists of entering hours worked for each employee, calculating taxes, and printing checks. The Payroll module is integrated with our General Ledger module (to automatically post journal entries for payroll expenses and tax withholdings to the G/L TEMPORARY file), our Check Reconciliation module, and our Accounts Payable module (to set up invoices for taxes and other amounts deducted from employees’ checks). Reports in the Payroll system include all master files, Input Audit, Gross Calculation, Deductions, Check Register, summary of hours worked, summary of General Ledger entries, Employee Earnings, Employee Year End, Federal and State Unemployment, and 941 information.

The Payroll system can use the same check that you currently use with our Accounts Payable module so that you will not have to purchase additional checks. Also, the program for printing W-2's will use the current version of the federal form.

Once you have completely set up your master files, you will find that the time involved in processing payroll each pay period becomes considerably less than in a manual system (or even other automated systems). Also, processing your payroll in-house gives you added control and flexibility over your payroll. Because the payroll system has been designed to be comprehensive enough to handle a multitude of payroll situations that different clients may face, you may find that you will not use all aspects of the system. Therefore, in most cases, when a particular file or information within a file does not apply to you, you will be able to disregard that information.

The Payroll module has the following features:

1) process for different pay period intervals (Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly)

2) recap the type of hours worked (regular, overtime, premium, etc.)

3) breakdown by user-defined Distributions (job function, branch, office, management level, etc.)

4) track employees' Vacation and Sick time

5) set up user-defined deductions (pension, savings, insurance, etc.) to be withheld on specified pay periods

6) set up graduated tax tables (or fixed tax rates) for federal, state, city, county or local taxes

7) print employer's tax withholdings checks

8) print computer checks and/or enter data from manual payroll checks

9) set up costs for Federal and State Unemployment taxes and also Workmen's Compensation and Public Liability costs

10) set up Multipliers for Overtime rates and Shift Differential amounts

11) print both State and Federal unemployment reports along with a 941 report

12) print W-2 forms

13) automated posting of P/R expenses to our General Ledger module

14) automated posting of P/R deductions to our Accounts Payable module

15) automated posting of both computer and manual checks to our Check Reconciliation module

16) construction of your own reports from data in the P/R files through the use of our Report Generator module *

17) integration of P/R data to a word processor or spreadsheet through the use of our Report Generator module *

18) ability to batch-process multiple P/R options through the use of our AutoPilot module (very useful for Month-End procedures) *


* purchased separately

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