A/R Paid Invoice Reorganization


This option is used to remove paid-in-full invoices from the A/R INVOICE file and reorganize this file. For Balance Forward customers, cash receipts are applied to the oldest invoice first; therefore some invoices may be partially paid off. Through this option, invoice adjustments indicating these payments will be placed in the A/R INVOICE file. Then, the next time you print an Open Invoice Report, Open Item Report, Open Invoice Aging (Past) Report, or Open Invoice Aging (Future) Report, you will see these adjusted items. This option should be selected at the end of the month, after all the current month's A/R processing has been completed and all reports have been printed and verified.

After selecting this option from the A/R Zeroing Menu, the computer will prompt you for a range of Customers and an Ending Tran. Date (transaction).


You may Accept this information or Cancel the Reorganization.

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