C/R Flow Of Events


Check Reconciliation processing can be divided into three main activities:

1) printing reports

2) reconciling bank statements

3) month-end processing.


Please note that the Flow of Events described below is a guideline of options to follow for Check Reconciliation processing. Also, as you are using an option for the first time, please read the entire Option Description for detailed instructions on using that option.


Printing Reports:

All reports in the Check Reconciliation system may be run at any point in time. However, we suggest reviewing reports each time checks are printed and/or cash receipts (deposits) are entered. If this is not feasible, hardcopies of these reports should be printed, verified and filed at least once a month, prior to month-end processing.


Reconciling Bank Statements:

After all checks have been printed, and cash receipts (deposits) have been entered, use the Reconcile Checks option on the C/R Processing Menu to reconcile information in Team Software against your bank statement.


Month - End Processing

To insure the integrity of the data in your Check Reconciliation files, the following steps should be completed before entering any new invoices for the next month!

1) Print and verify all reports, see the Printing Reports section above.

2) Reconcile your bank statement, see the Reconciling Bank Statements section above.

3) Backup data (see the procedures provided with your backup device).

4) Use the C/R Zeroing option on the C/R Zeroing Menu to remove voided and reconciled checks from the CHECK/DEPOSIT MASTER file (and create a new starting balance for the next statement).


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