V/P System Overview


The Video Processing module is a system that provides you the ability to set up, track, and watch the videos stored on your computer.  You can use the system to simply track information (for DVDs, Tapes, etc.) or use the interface feature to play your videos, too.  It will interface with your video player (whether Windows Media Player, Nero Showtime, or virtually any other player) to play any video you have stored on your computer or network.  This program stores and searches titles, descriptions, ratings, time lengths, release/recorded date, three classification categories, comments/stars, and location/filename or each of your stored video files.  The system can track your last-watched date as well.


The Video Processing module has the following features:

1) set up and watch videos on your computer.

2) handles any type of video file

3) construct your own reports from data in the V/P files through the use of our Report Generator module *

4) integrate V/P data to a word processor or spreadsheet through the use of our Report Generator module *


* purchased separately… For more information on these modules (or purchasing information), see the Support section of the Guide To Operations manual.


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