Team Software, Inc. offers telephone support to its customers. The purpose of this help line is to assist our customers with errors or problems that have occurred in the use of their system. From past history, we have found that over half of the questions posed to us could have been answered by information provided in the documentation manuals. As our customer base continues to grow, so does the volume of calls we handle on a daily basis. Therefore, we suggest that you first refer to the appropriate manual for a solution before calling for support. This will help keep the lines open and available to all customers when it is necessary to consult with us.

Because we are committed to enhancing and updating our software regularly, many customers call us with suggestions or requests for changes. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Sometimes, since it is rather difficult to define over the phone exactly what the change is, we suggest that you communicate to us in writing, being as specific as possible (and if appropriate including a sample screen and/or report). Requests for changes are prioritized by either, 1) determining if the request would be beneficial to all users, 2) if a number of users have requested similar items, or 3) if the request is feasible in conjunction with the existing system design.

As a final note, many situations that cause customers to call for support may not be able to be diagnosed immediately. It is often necessary for us to further investigate the problem to determine how the situation evolved and what steps should be taken to rectify it. Therefore, we ask your patience if we cannot answer your question or solve your problem immediately.

There are many items involved in your data processing environment; hardware, supplies, other software, operators of the system, power supply, etc.; many of which are out of our control. Although we will do anything we possibly can to assist you in solving a problem, there may be some situations we simply cannot solve over the telephone. Telephone support is usually billed monthly on an hourly basis (in hour increments).

Our address is:

Team Software, Inc.

504a W. Broadway

Bradley, IL 60915-2202


Our E-Mail address is:


Our phone number is:

(815) 932-9986


Our FAX number is:

(815) 933-6276


Telephone support service is available from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). In addition, you may leave messages on our voice mail, send us an E-Mail message, or send us a FAX. We will be able to assist you with most any question or problem you have. Before calling, please be prepared by following the steps below.

1) When calling for support you will be asked to identify yourself with your Company Name and your (the caller) Name. Make sure to include this information (and a phone number, FAX number, and/or E-Mail address) if you send a message to us.

2) If you have an error, write down the COMPLETE error message. If possible, do not continue processing until discussing the error with us. If you were printing a report, note at what point the printing stopped.

NOTE: If you determine that you have a serious problem, leave the computer as is (and do not continue any additional processing). Do not attempt to correct the problem without consulting us. Due to the nature of the high amount of integration of the software and that specific programs (such as postings) affect many files at once, continuing on, or trying to solve the problem on your own, could magnify the seriousness of the problem.

3) Note all the actions you took up until the point where the error occurred. This is very important to help us determine the cause of the problem.

4) If you received documentation manuals, please have them readily accessible. We may refer you to specific pages for clarification of an explanation or a solution to a problem. If you have a version of Team Software with on-line help, we may point you to the specific area pertaining to your question.

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