B/P Expense Maintenance


The B/P EXPENSES file stores your various sources of income.  This option is used to initially enter the data in the B/P EXPENSES file and then to make changes to the values as needed.

After selecting this option from the B/P Master File Maintenance Menu, the B/P Expense Maintenance screen will be displayed as follows:

The Record Number is simply a way to identify each item.

The Description identifies this expense.

Enter the Amount of this expense.

The Spec Fund (Special Fund) lets you specify a fund number for tracking things like money allocated for vacations or Christmas-clubs.  These amounts will show up on the Weekly Bills Due option on the B/P Processing Menu.

Select The Cycle for this expense (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or User-Defined).

If you selected anything other than User-Defined, the appropriate boxes will be marked for each date.  Date 1 and Date 2 define a date range for this determination.  Otherwise, if you selected User-Defined, mark each box for when this expense is due.

For example ... if you make a $327.14 car payment each month that you send off by the 10th, you would enter "Car Payment" in the Description, 327.14 in the Amount, 01/10/2009 in Date 1 (if you started your payments in March of 2010, you would enter 03/10/2009), and set the Cycle to "Monthly".  The system will check all the appropriate boxes for you, and will maintain this each year automatically.  Enter all of your "bills" (including savings and pocket cash).


Review the data you have entered (or changed) on the screens.  If you wish to SAVE the information, click on the Save button on the Toolbar, pick the Save option from the File Menu, or press [Ctrl][S].  If you do NOT wish to save the information, click on the Cancel button on the toolbar, pick the Cancel option from the File Menu, or press [Ctrl][L].


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