P/R Check Posting


This option is used to post all checks to the Payroll files, A/P TEMPORARY INVOICE files, and CHECK RECONCILIATION MASTER file.

It is very important that you verify that the Check Register is correct before posting checks. Be sure to post checks before you enter new checks to be printed. Failure to do so will allow previously printed checks to appear on the Check Register and check numbers may be incorrect.

After selecting this option from the P/R Processing Menu, the computer will display the screen as follows:

The following items should be completed before you continue.

Review the checks printed verifying the amounts are correct. If a check is incorrect, enter invoices to adjust the amount and then reprint the Check Register and Computer Checks.

Verify the actual check numbers match the check numbers on the Check Register. If check numbers do not match, print a new Check Register.

Accept this information or Cancel the posting.

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