W/C Implementation Guidelines


Before you begin regular processing with the Water Control module, some initial steps must be followed to build the MASTER files and set up values in the W/C CONTROL file. These default values determine how some processing and updating of files will take place. If you intend to integrate Water Control information to the General Ledger module, you should implement the General Ledger before Water Control.

If you intend to print invoices on pre-printed forms from the computer, see the Recommended Supplies list in the Guide To Operations manual.


A) Defining Values In The W/C CONTROL File

Use the W/C Control Maintenance option on the W/C Master File Maintenance Menu to setup system defaults for this module.


B) Building The MASTER Files

Use the W/C Master File Maintenance Menu to setup the different master files.

You may wish to use the options on the W/C Master File Reports Menu to print hardcopies of your master file information. You may then distribute copies to all staff who will be operating the Water Control module.

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